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Reiki Class

Reiki Level I Class


This class welcomes all who are interested to explore more about Reiki In Reiki Level I we will have a solid structure on Reiki history, Reiki precepts, understanding of chakra system and anatomy of Reiki.
Reiki classes are usually held over course of two days- to cover practical knowledge, attunements and practice administration of Reiki
with an actual person on the table.
Training is a creative process of meditation, journaling and intuitive practice. After the initial class you will learn hands on healing and your own self healing.
After the end of two day course you will receive your certification of completion. This class welcomes all who are interested to explore more about Reiki.

Reiki Level II Class


Reiki Level II class is more advanced, and comprehensive. It is not only practical knowledge but also a ground work for establishing a successful Reiki practice. Students who already passed Usui Reiki Ryoho Level I will be able to continue their education for Reiki Level II – that is a must qualification. In this course we learn about Reiki symbols, meaning and practice. We use meditation, journaling, mantras as an additional tool to enhance our spiritual practice. Practical part of the course will include a demonstration work with an actual client on the table.
Most importantly a student will learn how to do a Distance Reiki practice as well. Student will receive four attunement and certification after the completion of the course.

Reiki Level III Class


Reiki level III is very unique and only available once Reiki level I and II is completed with a certified teacher, and have completed necessary  outside practicum work. This class is the last level of training and you receive teacher master certification upon completion. As a Reiki master teacher you will hold responsibility of a Reiki master set forth by Dr. Mikao Usui and his lineage.

The Course and teaching is two days long and it is very specific , and customized.